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Garthmyl Area, section (15).
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Updated October 2001.
Cefn Garthmyl Bridge (Bridge number 130).

This view was taken looking towards the East. The bridge can be seen in the distance, blending in with the trees and shrubs that line each side of the cut.

Chain Garthmyl Bridge (Bridge number 131).

Near to the Nags Head, the canal ends abruptly as it was cut by the construction of the main A483 trunk road passing over a de-watered section.

Garthmyl was, in the past, a considerable industrial area with wharf's, warehouses, stables, maltings, drying kilns and lime kilns.

Under the bridge, a culvert discharges crystal clear water carried under the road from the western end of the de-watered section.

Another view of Bridge 131, this time, taken across the A483 Trunk road and showing the present alignment of the road and canal.
At the Western end of the de-watered section, the road to Montgomery passes over the culvert carrying water under the two roads that now block the canal. Swans enjoy the clear water and fish can be seen swimming between the reeds.
Trystllewelyn Bridge (Bridge number 133).

After passing over the Llifior Brook (this was once a feeder for the canal) at Trystllewelyn Aqueduct, we come to Bridge number 133 at Trystllewelyn.

The towpath along this section is in good condition for walking.

Brynllewyn Bridge (Bridge number 134).

This photo (Bridge 134) shows overgrown trees by the sides of the channel. Along the towpath side, between here and Bridge number 133, the bushes and small trees that were blocking the towpath have now been cut back leaving the towpath clear to walk on.

Half Way Bridge (Bridge number 136).

This view on the approach to the flatted Half Way Bridge shows evidence of recent activity of bank management whilst the gates giving access to the road are new and in good condition.

Note the pipe carrying the canal through the blockage.

After passing over the A483 trunk road at the flatted Half Way Bridge, the canal swings to the left on a wide bend before reaching Tan-y-Fron. This photo was taken by the bend, looking back towards the road.
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